Monday, February 15, 2016

Not Pretty Enough by Kasey Chambers

Since it was Valentine's Day yesterday, I thought these lyrics were appropriate.  I asked these questions of myself a lot when I was single, and I bet I'm not alone in this.

Am I not pretty enough?
Is my heart too broken?
Do I cry too much?
Am I too outspoken?

Don't I make you laugh?
Should I try it harder?
Why do you see right through me?

I live, I breathe, I let it rain on me.
I sleep, I wake, I try hard not to break.
I crave, I love, I've waited long enough.
I try as hard as I can.

I laugh, I feel, I make believe it's real.
I fall, I freeze, I pray down on my knees.
I hope, I stand, I take it like a man.
I try as hard as I can.

Lyrics from here.

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