Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Easter 2016

Good Friday is meant to be good for Christians, and it is in the sense that we remember Jesus' death was for us.  But there was nothing else that was good about Good Friday 2016 for me.

We were travelling to Dunsborough to spend the weekend with Duncan's family.  On the way there, I broke down and came close to returning to hospital.  This brought back horrible memories of the Easter weekend 2013 when I was taken to Bunbury Hospital.  By Sunday I was doing a lot better, and even made it to church.  At least I got to salvage a few good things from the weekend.

Flynn and Granddad

Flynn had a belly ache on Easter Sunday
afternoon due to eating too much lunch.

Duncan took Rory, his mum and his brother for a drive on
Sunday afternoon.  I stayed home with his dad and Flynn
to watch the footy.

Rory did not want his photo taken.

Flynn going for a spin with Grandma Win to collect
the corn harvest.

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